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The future is here. Now you can create the perfect vape juice using your own extracts. Just warm it up, add your oil or shatter, stir it up and your good to go! No fancy equipment or infusion necessary - create your own unique flavour!


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create your vape

Create Your Vape

Now you can create your own custom vape juice using any shatter or oil extracts. In 3 simple steps you can mix your own blends using your own dabs.

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Bong Water Flavors

Bong Water Flavours

Sick of that bad bong water taste? Well suffer no more! Now you can blast your bong water with flavour and enhance the sensation!

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Grow Your Own

Grow Your Own

Got Mushrooms? Now you can grow your own magic mushrooms easy from home. Grow with spores or use live mycelium!

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