FreshLeaf CBD - 15ml
FreshLeaf CBD - 15ml

FreshLeaf CBD - 15ml

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  • 99.9% Pure CBD: Consume it orally or use it as an e-liquid in vaporizer units.
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About FreshLeaf CBD?

Freshleaf CBD is manufactured in Orange County, California and was created to help people. Coming from the eliquid manufacturing industry we have been helping people quit smoking for some time so finding this natural approach to medicine was an easy transition. A holistic approach to ailments that individuals suffer from on a daily basis was the target. CBD (cannabidiol) gave us that opportunity. Utilizing a 99.9% pure CBD (cannabidiol) isolate we began manufacturing our over the counter product for the masses. We enjoy hearing the testimonies from our customers of how Freshleaf CBD is improving their lives. We look forward to expanding our product line and helping individuals in the process.

What is “Cannabidiol CBD”

Cannabidiol CBD is the major non-psychotropic cannabinoid derived from industrial hemp. CBD has many holistic benefits which have been reported in a variety of clinical studies. CBD acts as an antagonist to THC and changes the psychoactive effects of the THC compound.  Cannabinoid receptors type 2 are predominantly found in the immune system.

What are “Cannabinoids”?

Cannabinoids comprise a diverse class of chemical compounds. These compounds are naturally produced in all living things. Endocannabinoids are produced naturally in cannabis and some other plants. There are 85 different cannabinoids isolated from cannabis exhibiting a variety of effects. The two recognized phytocannabinoids are:

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and Cannabidiol (CBD)

The possible benefits of Cannabidiol (CBD):
While we make no medical claims there have been numerous studies showing Cannabidiol (CBD) to have multiple pharmacological effects including but not limited to:


CB2 receptors appear to be responsible for the anti-inflammatory and possibly other therapeutic effects of cannabis. THC works primarily on the CB1 receptor whereas CBD works primarily on the CB2 receptors with little effect on CB1.

This solution can be consumed orally or you can add it to any vaporizer unit and use like a regular e-liquid.  Available in 150mg, 350mg and 600mg potency strength.  It comes in 15ml bottles with dispensing lid.
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