Nector Collector Kit
Nector Collector Kit

Nector Collector Kit

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  • Vape Extracts: Vaporize any shatter, wax, rosin, live resin, budder, dabs and oils with this unit.
  • Plant Materal: Comes with an attachment to convert into a regular water bong.
  • Titanium/Glass: Features two different nails so you can customize your vaping experience.
  • Protective Case: Comes with a case and padding to store your unit for travel or safety.

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The "Nector Collector" is a glass vaping device used to smoke extracts including shatter, waxes and oils.  It utilizes a titanium nail heated by a torch to vaporize your favorite extract.  A very effective and simple way to get your medicine.

This is more then just the nector collector glass straw.   This is the full kit that comes with multiple accessories and different attachments that make your nector collector more versatile and functional. 

The entire kit comes complete with:
- A nector collector glass unit.
- Glass dish to hold concentrates.
- Titanium nail.
- Glass nail/
- Bowl adapter.
- Glass bowl for dry herbs.
- 2 clips for the nail and adapter.
- Case with protective padding.
Even though these units are made in China they are still very effective and durable.  Compared to other units that range in the $250-$500 range this is an amazing deal for a reliable nector collector.

Pick your color!  These kits come in 3 color options: Clear Glass, Black or white.  See pictures for more details.
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