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We have developed a simple method for growing large, beautiful, potent magic mushrooms!

Our magic mushroom kits are EASY TO USE for the newbie mycologist, and we also have mushroom kits for the more advanced grower. Using science and experience our team has developed an excellent method for producing large, healthy, magic mushrooms safely and easily. Enough talk let me show you the pictures of magic mushrooms grown from our mushroom kit.

Get the original and proven magic mushroom growing kit!

There is alot of magic mushroom kits on the market today, and we have tried most of them ourselves. We wanted to develop the best home grown magic mushroom kit possible so we experimented & tested until we came up with the easiest, fastest way to get the big results.

The Mega-You-Grow Magic Mushroom Kit comes complete with everything you need to grow LOTS of magic mushrooms.

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Also after you purchase your kit you will be given a username and password to login to our new online photographic mushroom growing guide. This will guide you throw the process step by step with detailed photographs and tips along the way.
Preview online instructions <--

How much exactly? Well that depends on how carefully you follow our detailed instructions. Our best offer that produces the most magic mushrooms is our Triple Kit Offer. You get 3 kits and save 50$ off regular price. AND we will give the option to add on the mushroom cultivator book for only 20$. This deal will get you over 54 ounces of magic mushrooms and the knowledge to continue the process yourself.

The MYG Magic Mushroom Kit Contains...

- 1 Waxed cardboard tray with a clear plastic _dome lid.

- 1 Burlap sack containing straw substrate.

- 1 Clear plastic mixing bag.

- 1 Bag of mushroom casing soil mixture.

- 1 Vial of mushroom casing starter.

- 1 Spray bottle with watering cap.

- 1 Bag of mycilium mushroom spawn.

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Visit the main website www.mushbox.com today to learn more!

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